-Special Announcement-



November 2, 2010, is election day. A heavy turnout is expected.

In preparation for election day, the November issue of The Law Enforcement Legal Reporter (LELR) will contain a section on Polling Place Crimes. It will describe certain Elections Code sections dealing with crimes that take place at polling places.

Hopefully, the election will go smoothly, and there will be no need for police to be called to polling places. But to assist you in preparing for possible problems at polling places, the November issue of the LELR will contain a special section dealing strictly with Election Code violations and possible polling place crimes.

These Election Code violations are not something officers deal with on an ongoing basis. So a few minutes review of them will prepare you in case something does come up at a polling place.

The November issue of the Law Enforcement Legal Reporter will be mailed and e-mailed early so that it will be in your hands or on your computer screen prior to election day.

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